Direct Mail Campaigns…why your competition is trumping you!

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Successful REALTORS receive most of their business through past clients and referrals. At Shaina Kelly Virtual Business Management, we will facilitate consistent tangible letters, newsletters with market updates, CMAS, letters gently asking for referrals, and more. Your past clients should see you as a trusted source of information and knowledge about the current market. And they should see it on a regular basis, to maintain customer loyalty. Consistent mailers will guarantee that you are there when they decide to make their next purchase or move, or when a friend needs a trusted and consistent REALTOR. Our team handles everything from concept to mailbox including content creation, design, labels, and postage!

How can you improve your direct mail campaigns? —>>

Personalize your content

Taking an individualized approach with direct mail can create that feeling for customers and potential customers alike

Make your call-to-action count

The goal of direct mail is the same as any other marketing channel. You want to convince a customer that doing business with you will improve their life. That’s where a well-designed call-to-action is so essential. It’s the glue that holds everything together.

Keep data fresh

Timing is everything with an effective direct mail campaign. You have to send it to the right people in the right places at the right times to get the maximum return on your investment. The best way to put the odds in your favor is to keep your database relevant and up-to-date.

Pro Tip: Make sure to send your past and present clients a card or a little something special on occasions where family and friends gather around. Cards or gifts that are visible to your clients dinner guests will likely start up a conversation about you? and just how awesome you are!


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