4 Tips for using Youtube for your Business!

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When someone mentions social media as a business tool, most people think of Facebook and Twitter.

Because it?s a video platform, YouTube may not initially seem like a suitable platform for marketing a small business?but now that comments on YouTube are tied to Google+, it?s a more social and influential platform than ever.

Creating and posting video content on YouTube is a great way to boost the visibility and credibility of your small business.

1. Keep the Content Coming

The most popular YouTube channels are those that have high volumes of consistently updated content. If you want to use video as a marketing tool, you need to have?well, video. And lots of it.

There are plenty of ways to produce video content for your small business. Webcasts and webinars can be broken up and posted as a series of videos. You can repurpose infographics into explainer videos, or create short tutorials or product demonstrations. Consider creating a corporate profile or company history video. You can interview the owners, staff, customers, or even yourself.

2. Include Calls to Action

You?ll probably have links in your video?s description, but you should start thinking about how you want viewers to respond before you ever post the video. Make sure your calls to action are included in the video itself. Possible CTAs can include contacting you for more information, subscribing to your YouTube channel, leaving your feedback, sharing your video on their social network channels, or some other desired action.

3. Put Thought into Your Titles

People search YouTube the same way they do on Google?with keywords and phrases that describe what they?re looking for. Titles are weighed heavily in YouTube searches (powered by Google), so don?t give your videos boring, non-descriptive titles. Few people are going to find or click on a video called ?Product Demo.? Instead, incorporate the content of your videos into your titles, such as ?5 Ways to Save Time Every Day with [Your Company]?s Productivity App.?

4. Let Your Customers do the Talking

Many small businesses have had great results by posting videos of customer testimonials on YouTube. This is a highly effective way to build trust and credibility with people who may need that extra ?nudge? to try your product or service. And video testimonials are proven to have a much bigger impact than written ones.


Good Luck, and please reach out to SKVBM for all of your Social Media needs!

Source: Business2Community.com