How can a Virtual Business Manager save you money?

by Sep 19, 2019Uncategorized

1. Reduced labour costs
If you hire a?full-time employee, you?ll not only have to pay their?salary but also:

Sick days
Holiday leave
Worker?s compensation
Medical/dental benefits
Office space, computers etc

On the other hand, virtual assistants work as independent contractors.
This means they handle all their own expenses, including taxes and insurance.
You simply hire them to perform a specific job, pay them for their time, and that?s it. Think of all the money you?ll save that can be better used elsewhere!

2. Increased productivity
In a standard 8-hour workday, the average office worker does a little less than 4?hours of actual ?productive? work. Why pay one more employee to surf the internet and chat at the coffee station?
Virtual Business Managers work differently. Without the distractions of an office environment, they?re able to focus and dedicate their time to getting tasks done. And you only pay for those tasks!

3. No training needed
Virtual Business Managers are highly skilled with many years of high level Real Estate and administrative experience.
They work quickly and efficiently while requiring little or no training.
An efficient VBM will take less time to produce much higher quality work than a less skilled in house assistant that requires training.

4. We have the skills your business needs- no outsourcing needed!
Whether your business is large or small, it?s unlikely that you and your staff have every single skill you need to run it, and you are likley outsourcing much of your work.
What if you need to create a professional website, but you don?t have a web developer on staff?
What if you need a new company logo, but none of your employees are graphic designers?
What if you need your marketing materials professionally designed but none of your staff are designers?

Again, this is where a VBM?comes in. No matter what job needs completing, there is someone on our team who?has the skill set you?re looking for!