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The year has just begun and we?ve got the first list of Facebook updates for 2020

Facebook slowed down a bit towards late December when it came to major updates, but that doesn’t mean they left us empty-handed for January!

Messenger’s New Policy Start Date Delayed
If you’re asking yourself  What Messenger new policy,  then count yourself lucky.

Facebook has announced new policies for the Messenger platform that directly impact how business Pages can interact with customers. These include the following:

There’s a revised standard messaging window, which is now 24 hours.
Facebook wants businesses responding to messages within 24 hours since it’s what users expect, and now the pressure is on to do so.

We’re getting streamlined message tags
This will allow for personalized one-on-one messages outside of the standard messaging window in four specific use cases: post-purchase updates like shipping notifications, event reminders, account updates, and personalized responses from a human agent. The latter is currently in beta.

The News messaging is here (beta)
This new feature will allow registered news agencies to set up subscription messaging in a way that other businesses can’t.

Launch of a new API for one-time notifications
Some users want notifications on Messenger that they’ve opted in for, including one-time notifications for price alerts, back-in-stock alerts, and an alert that tickets or products are now available for sale. These are obviously beneficial for businesses, too. There will be a new API that will support these use cases, but only if the individual has explicitly requested the specific, relevant-to-them notifications.

NOTE: This policy was originally scheduled to go live on January 15th. It has since been pushed to March, with the ?one-time notification? API likely rolling out sometime in February, so be ready for that.

You can read more about these policies here.

New Page Management History Tool Available
Matt Navarra recently flagged a brand new feature for Facebook Pages which is currently called Page Management History.

This tool is particularly useful for Pages being managed by multiple individuals, because it will show every single action made on and by your Page, when the actions were taken, and who enacted them.

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