The Top CRMs for Real Estate Agents

by Jan 24, 2021Uncategorized

Below is a list of top Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems  presented in no particular order since each of these products offers various features and capabilities to meet the specific needs of different real estate agents.

Created by mega agent and real estate technology mastermind Ben Kinney, Brivity enables agents to manage their business, market their listings and transparently communicate all transactional and marketing activities with clients simultaneously. ?No CRM can automate customer service features and marketing like Brivity, which makes it the ultimate time management tool as well.

Contactually Realtor CRMContactually

This refreshingly user-friendly and inexpensive CRM integrates well with Google products and uses a bucket system to conveniently organize contacts into groups. Although Contactually has been known to require a little extra effort to initially get set up, it is widely respected for it’s ease of use and integration with mobile devices.

eEdge real estate crmeEdge

This Inman News Award Winner for Best Website/Service is the industry’s most integrated lead-to-close online platform that includes lead management, contact management, a marketing library and a paperless transaction system, all incorporated with a personalized mobile app and agent website to capture and track leads. The only trick with eEdge is that agents must be affiliated with Keller Williams Realty to have access to this all-in-one solution.

kunversion real estate crmKunversion

This lead generation focused platform is similar to Tiger Lead, Boomtown and Zurple, but provides better mobile optimization, integration with Google Apps, and automatically communicates?with inbound leads via text, email and chat before the user has to personally respond. ?This product is a bit more pricey since agents are essentially purchasing leads through Kunversion’s pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and other features like enhanced search engine optimization (SEO), QR codes, social media, text riders, and blogging.

Sieze the Market CRMSeize The Market

This full-service CRM features a powerful front-end website to capture leads and?an integrated dialer to expedite responses and ongoing follow up. ?Not only does Seize The Market?s back-end offer a complete marketing system using built-in customizable drip campaigns to convert leads to clients, it also boasts an integrated transaction and contract management system.  Seize The Market also offers innovative add-ons like Listing Storyboard sites for each listing so sellers can engage and share their listing across social media sites and through email to their friends and family.

Vulcan7 real estate Vulcan 7

Although not considered a traditional CRM due to a lack of client and COI management capabilities, Vulcan 7  is ideal for the professional real estate prospector by providing mobile telephone numbers of For Sale By Owner (FSBO) homes, expired listings, and neighborhood numbers for just listed and just sold calls.  Vulcan users claim that access to these mobile numbers increases prospecting conversion rates dramatically.  Complete with a contact manager and auto-dialer, this product is more expensive than other prospecting competitors like Landvoice, Arch Agent and The RedX.  However, serious real estate prospectors will tell you that the mobile numbers are well worth the price.

top producer real estate crmTop Producer

An industry staple since the inception of the desktop CRM, Top Producer still maintains the highest market share of any CRM available online. The Market Snapshot is its lead generation feature designed to position agent as local experts in the marketplace. Top Producer’s most attractive attribute is it’s constant evolution. So if another CRM adds a feature that is well received, you can bet that it will also be implemented in Top Producer’s platform in the near future.

Team Leads real estate crmTeam Leads

Probably the most powerful CRM on the market, although you will typically pay around $1,000 per month for it. Team Leads provides an amazing front-end website platform that climbs search engines for local area searches to drive a large amount of internet leads your way. It is also integrated with Vulcan 7 for real estate prospectors, and Bomb Bomb for video email capability.  Team Leads also offers amazing features to accommodate multiple real estate team users, and contains all of the automated drip campaigns and lead follow-up features that you would expect from a CRM.

Wise Agent realtor crmWise Agent

Users rave about the responsive customer service that they receive with Wise Agent.  If you subscribe to the notion that the best CRM is the one you use, then this inexpensive and easy to use CRM is the one for you.  Wise Agent is also very real estate team friendly as it allows several users to operate under a single account.

market leader professional crmMarket Leader Professional

This CRM features a great lead capture system that interfaces directly with your IDX to allow visitors to see any of the properties listed on MLS through your site. Market Leader then sends visitors into a lead capture box when they view multiple properties on your specific website and capture buyer leads from any online sources. Market Leader then tracks the online activity by allowing agents to see what properties visitors view and save in their searches over time.